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Katayama Chemical Industries
Drug discovery support/Contract service
Drug discovery support/Contract service

last update:2017/4/27

Delegates :
Hideki Katayama

Incorporated :
August  9 , 1948

Paid in Capital :
30 Million yen  

Employees :
170 人

Address :
2-5-10, Dosho Machi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 541-0045, Japan OSAKA

+81-6-6203-3441 / +81-6222-3804


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
We have engaged in producing of chemical products, primarily research-use reagents, since our founding. In addition, we supply high-quality reagents and analytical instruments in Japan or elsewhere in the world in recent years. “Contribute to society by creating valuable technological knowledge, valuable products, and by providing valuable services.” is our management principle. We focus on the value we can offer to and share with researchers.

Technology & Business
We are developing our own liposome technologies and provide products and contractive service such as, manufacturing, trial study, and quality examination.

Liposomes are artificially prepared minute capsules made of lipid-bilayer, the structure of phospholipids. We have a technique to label target recognition probes (antibodies, sugar chains, peptides, etc) on the surface of the liposomes and a technique to encapsulate various substances into the vesicles.
The liposomes can hereby deliver their components into a specific region efficiently in vivo. In addition, the study to control functionality of liposomes by changing lipid composition is done.

Basing on these know-how, we produce and supply the active-targeting liposome reagent "GLYCOLIPO" for in vivo imaging and DDS in experimental use. Again, we accept wide requests about liposome for example, manufacturing custom-ordered liposomes beyond the standard of "GLYCOLIPO".
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Liposome manufacturing
We are entrusted with works about liposome such as trial study, manufacturing, and quality examination.
To provide our contract service to enterprise customers, especially pharmaceutical companies.
Liposomal in vivo fluorescent imaging reagent. It is possible to encapsulate compound in it.
To develop further application
use for cell culture

We launched a new product in GLYCOLIPO series, ICG (indocyanine-green), a near-infrared fluorescent dye, containing liposome.
Hot news

Alliance strategy
We would like to provide contractive service relevant to liposome on research and development phase to enterprise customers, especially pharmaceutical companies. We are entrusted with trial studies, manufacturing, quality examinations and so on. We support customers to advance their research to next step in close coordination.

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