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This Japanese Biotech Directory is edited and managed by Japan Bioindustry Association(JBA) in cooperation with supporting organizations to bio clusters and venture companies of each region in Japan.
We aim to promote the creation of business alliance opportunities and make activate bio venture companies by broadly disseminating information on excellent bio venture companies in and out of Japan.

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AnGes, Inc. HGF Plasmid COVID-19 DNA Vaccine NF-kB Decoy Oligonucleotide COVID-19 Treatment Hypertension DNA Vaccine
TAMAGAWA SEIKI Co., Ltd. FG beads (magnetic nanoparticles) contract services Fluorescent beads
ThinkCyte, Inc. High-content single cell analysis and separation system
M Bio Technology Inc. MID Vaccines(TM) MID Antibodies(TM) MID Prism(R) MID Navigator(R) MID Precision Medicine(TM)
RIKEN GENESIS CO., LTD. (BNA) BNA Amidites BNA oligonucleotides Alliance with and licensing to other organizations
HanaVax Inc. RSV vaccine / Non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) vaccine HPV therapeutic vaccine influenza virus vaccine SARS-Cov-2 vaccine Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine
atDose Co., Ltd. Compact Mobile Drip Device “atDose Mobile” Compact Infusion Pump “atDose Multi” (Patented)
HekaBio K.K. Alpha DaRT
iBody Inc. IBC-001 IBC-002 IBC-003 Antibody exploring service
ARTham Therapeutics, Inc ART-648 ART-001
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※Japanese Biotech Directory is managed by Japan Bioindustry Association.
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