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This Japanese Biotech Directory is edited and managed by Japan Bioindustry Association(JBA) in cooperation with supporting organizations to bio clusters and venture companies of each region in Japan.
We aim to promote the creation of business alliance opportunities and make activate bio venture companies by broadly disseminating information on excellent bio venture companies in and out of Japan.

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BioSerenTach Inc. GI-MAPS Dissolving micropiles (DMs)
iBody Inc. entrust service for rabbit mAb screening for research and diagnostic uses proposal of collaborative researches on human mAb discovery and licensing for medical uses
ARTham Therapeutics, Inc ART-648 ART-001 EP2/EP4 dual antagonist PDE4/5 inhibitor
Molcure,inc. Rapid antibody engineering system “Abtracer”
Delta-Fly Pharma, Inc. DFP-10917 (Cell cycle regulator) DFP-14323 (Cancer immuno modulator) DFP-11207 (Cancer cell metabolism regulator) DFP-14927 (Polymeric agent of anti-tumor drug) DFP-10825 (Oligonucleotide therapeutics)
euglena Co., Ltd. Functional Foods Cosmetics Bio Fuel
in silico biology, inc. in silico MolecularCloning GenomeTraveler
Maze, Inc. Narrowing-down assist system for exome data Genome Annotaton System Plus Transcriptome assist system for non-model species Deep thinking data analysis service for NGS-data KeyMolnet
Mediridge Co., Ltd. Peptide synthesis Plasmid, protein expression and anibodies manufacture Establish Master cell and Working cell bank and tests service
MessengerScape Co., Ltd. HiCEP for Biomarker Discovery Discovering and selling of diagn
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※Japanese Biotech Directory is managed by Japan Bioindustry Association.
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