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NanoCarrier Co.,Ltd.
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery

last update:2016/2/9

Delegates :
Ichiro Nakatomi

Incorporated :
June  14 , 1996

Paid in Capital :
10768 Million yen  

Employees :
52 人

Address :
Chuou 144-15, 226-39 Wakashiba, kashiwa-shi, chiba CHIBA

+81-4-7197-7621 / +81-4-7197-7624


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
NanoCarrier aims at the construction of polymeric micelles composed of PEG-peptide hybrid block copolymers for drug delivery, mainly in an area of oncology. Encapsulation of drug into polymeric micelles of varying size in the range of 20-100 nm allows the accumulation and the sustained release of encapsulated drug at the lesion, leading to the reduction of drug-related side effects and the enhancement of the drug efficacy, which could not be achieved by the conventional therapeutic formulations.

Technology & Business
NanoCarrier has been developing a drug delivery system (DDS) composed of polymeric micelles for anticancer drugs. Encapsulation of the drug into micelles improves 1) the efficacy of drug, 2) drug-related toxicity, 3) safety profile of drug, 3) patient's quality of life, and 4) physical and economic burden on patients.Clinical studies on paclitaxel-incorporated micelle (NK105), cisplatin-incorporated micelle (NC-6004), and DACH-Pt incorporated micelle (NC-4016) are now in progress.NanoCarrier is also trying to prepare the DDS formulation of protein or nucleic acid, which are very unstable in the blood circulation.In the study on transdermal application of polymeric micelles, encapsulation of hydrophobic substances into polymeric micelles increases their stability, permeation and sustained release in stratum corneum, and activity, suggesting the usefulness of polymeric micelles for cosmetics.Essence based on the polymeric micelles, E’clafutur, has been on sale by ALBION since October 2013.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
paclitaxel Micelle(NK105)
DDS anti cancer drug
Clinical studies: PII (gastric cancer, finished), PV(breast cancer, in progress)
DDS anti cancer drug(cisplatin)
PIII (Asia),PIb/II (US), PI(Japan)
nucleic acid or protein
nucleic acid medicine and Protein medicin
Feasibility studies by research collaboration are in progress.
epirubicin Micelle(NC-6300)
DDS anti cancer drug
PI (Japan)
Dach-platin Micelle(NC-4016)
DDS anti cancer drug
4 products are in the clinical study, and five new products have been developing.
Especially, we focus on the long-acting siRNA formulation for the hereditary or refractory disease. So far, their longevity in the blood circulation without loss of activity was confirmed. Further feasibility studies have been continuing in collaboration with some companies inside and outside Japan.

Hot news

Alliance strategy
(1) License out or collaboration research of pipeline.
(2) Feasibility study for DDS formulation of products with low to high molecular weight.

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