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GeneCare Research Institute
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery

last update:2011/8/26

Delegates :
Kyuji Rokugawa

Incorporated :
December  20 , 2000

Paid in Capital :
50 Million yen  

Employees :
5 人

Address :
TECOM 2nd. Bldg. Kajiwara 19-2, Kamakura, 247-0063 Japan KANAGAWA

+81-467-46-9590 / +81-467-48-6595


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
Since our foundation in December 2000, we have dedicated our effort to the R & D, including drug discovery mainly in the field of cancer, keeping in mind the corporate philosophy, “to achieve innovative medicine based on excellent science that contributes to and is acceptable by patients”. We are aiming licensing-out to a pharmaceutical company at the stage of the clinical trial or the early stage.

Technology & Business
We have addressed mainly the following two R & D projects.
1. RecQ-siRNA anti-cancer drugs
2. GK-001 anti-carcinogenic drug against hepatoma
RecQ-siRNA drugs, which suppress the expression of RecQ helicase genes, act specifically on a wide range of cancer cells, and therefore we expect that these drugs will develop as new anti-cancer drugs with weaker side effects. In addition, our proposal "Development of a sensitizer for radiation therapy using siRNA" has been adopted by the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Program for Human Resources Utilization by Bio-venture Companies.
The principal ingredient of GK-001 project is rifampicin which has been proven to be effective to suppress the carcinogenesis of C-type hepatitis by a long-term clinical research run at Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
GK-001 anti-HCC drug
GK-001 is a project to develop an antibiotic, rifampicin as a suppressive drug against occurrence of HCC in hepatitis C.
Cilinical Research at an University Hospital in Japan
RecQ-siRNA anti-cancer drugs
We are developing this as anti-cancer drugs with few side effects that inhibit proliferation of cancer by silencing RecQ.

GK-001: Kataoka, K. et al. (2010) Hepatocyte-protective and anti-oxidant effects of rifampicin on human chronic hepatitis C and murine acute hepatocyte disorder. Exp Ther Med 1, 1041-1047. 
RecQ-siRNA: Futami K, Ogasawara S, Goto H, Yano H, Furuichi Y. (2010) RecQL1 DNA repair helicase: A potential tumor marker and therapeutic target against hepatocellular carcinoma. Int. J. Mol. Med. 25, 537-545.
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Alliance strategy
We are looking for business partners and will provide consultation regarding the form of partnership in either project.

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