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Bio Matrix Research Inc.
Drug discovery support/Contract service
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare

last update:2014/9/12

Delegates :
Shunsuke Matsunaga

Incorporated :
March  28 , 2002

Paid in Capital :
88 Million yen  

Employees :
19 人

Address :
105 Higashifukai, Nagareyama-shi, Chiba 270-0101 CHIBA

+81-4-7153-8809 / +81-4-7153-7821


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
Bio Matrix Research Inc. has ten years of history since launching as a biotech-venture company by researchers for researchers from Tokyo University of Science. Original activities of our company were focused on DNA sequence analysis for service as well as DNA microarray analysis for service. Thereafter, we have expanded our business to protein field such as development of monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic of influenza or cancers. Finally we are now developing therapeutic antibodies.

Technology & Business
DNA sequence analysis for service and DNA microarray analysis for service have been widely accepted as services with excellent quality. Moreover, we have produced more than 600 monoclonal antibodies for nuclear proteins and are being distributed by worldwide distributors. Increasing numbers of our products are recognized as reagent of global standard.
In the area of custom antibody production service as well as in the area of diagnostic antibodies and therapeutic antibodies, we have successfully produced monoclonal antibodies for very difficult targets. We have developed our original methods for immunization and for screening. We now have capability of producing high affinity antibodies for any various soluble proteins. And the LIMAXYS technology has enabled us to obtain suitable antibodies for various membrane proteins. In these technologies, we maximize the ability of producing antibodies in mouse. High level of affinity maturation is key issue in our technologies.

Products & Service
Products & Service Name
antibodies for influenza
Supply antibodies for influenza virus for makers
to exploit warm leads

Our antibodies for influenza diagnosis have been accepted by several diagnostic drug makers and some of them are being introduced to the market.
Hot news

Alliance strategy
Bio Matrix Research Inc. is a bio-tech venture company, and we welcome alliance in relatively early phase. Our goal is continuously create novel seeds of development in the field of diagnosis and drug-discovery. We hope that we can make alliance with companies who want to introduce our novel seeds and want to work with us until those seeds become mature products.

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