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Y's corporation
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare
last update:2017/5/6

Delegates :
Juichiro Nakashima

Incorporated :
November  26 , 2007

Paid in Capital :
79 Million yen  

Employees :
5 人

Address :
3F Hagyuda bldg. 2-31-17, Minamino, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-0032, Japan TOKYO

+81-42-357-5150 / +81-42-339-8010


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
Y's Corporation was established in November, 2007. "Y" of the etymology of “Y’s Corporation” means integration and convergence. We contribute to maintenance of health care and life science with integrated wisdom, and widen the activity in the world as well as Japan. The concept of our product is that the products should be kind to human and we should develop safe and reliable products with scientific proof in the field of preventive medicine. In addition, in order to create the products such as research and medical equipments, reagents, and the therapeutic medicine, we are pushing forward new development as we collaborate with many research organizations in a biomedical field.
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Technology & Business
The main business is sales and development for the preventive and the therapeutic products against common disease.
Marketed products are 1) pollenosis preventive product "Pollenon”, 2) lifestyle-related disease prevention and improvement food "Dr.BAANs", 3)influenza infection preventive product "Pandenon", and 4) molecular transduction device "Biosymphonizer".
All the products are reliable based on scientific evidence, and a lot of information such as research and clinical test results have been prepared. All marketed products are acquired the patent in Japan and some foreign countries except "Pandenon" (PAT. pending), and the novelty and progressiveness are accepted by a patent.
As for development stage products, there are 1) the gene introduction device using plasma and 2) cream for atopic dermatitis. The gene transduction device for regenerative medicine and gene therapies is jointly studying now with Ehime University and Pearl Kogyo.

Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Pollenosis preventive product "Pollenon”
By adsorbing pollen with pectin and nucleic acid (DNA), allergic symptom does not appear (patentted in Japan)
It will be 300,000 bottles a year sale target in 2014.
Lifestyle-related disease prevention and improvement food "Dr.BAANs"
The prevention and improvement of the lifestyle-related disease is accomplished by the combination of natural products.
Product renewal will be in Spring of 2014
Plasma method molecules transduction device
Joint development is carrying out with Ehime University and Pearl Kogyo.(patented in Japan, the United States and Europe).
It will be marketed by the end of 2015 as the research device.

1) Y’s and "Pollenon" have received the "Fuji Sankei Business Eye Prize" of "the eighth Japan Bio-Venture Award " in 2013.
2) Lifestyle-related disease prevention/improvement agent "Dr.BAANs" has been confirmed the effect in the clinical trial, and it is going to carry out the renewal of the product in the spring of 2014.

Hot news

Alliance strategy
We are searching for the business partner about the sale cooperation in foreign countries, and/or the licensing-out partners of technologies.

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