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Immuno-Biological Laboratories
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare
last update:2013/8/8

Delegates :
President Tsutomu Seito

Incorporated :
September  9 , 1982

Paid in Capital :
1571 Million yen  

Employees :
59 人

Address :
1091-1 Naka Aza-Higashida, Fujioka-Shi, Gunma 375-0005, JAPAN GUNMA

+81-274-22-2889 / +81-274-23-6055


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
Our main business is developing and marketing quantitative assays by immuno-enzymatic techniques using our developed antibodies. These advanced diagnostic products are marketed throughout the world and our reputation for quality and service is highly renowned.
Recently, we incorporated a new technology for producing recombinant proteins including monoclonal antibodies using silkworms. We are aiming to use this technology for producing various products including therapeutic agents.

Technology & Business
We possess technologies for "high level expression of recombinant proteins in cocoons of transgenic silkworms". The recombinant proteins are extractable from the cocoons under the condition where most of cocoon proteins remain insoluble. This technology allows us to obtain the recombinant proteins with little amount of contaminated cocoon proteins, making it simple to purify them. Using this technology, we have successfully produced various recombinant proteins including fibrinogen, antibody, collagen (gelatin), serum albumin, growth hormone, growth factors and cytokines.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Various ELISA Kits
We developed and launched various ELISA kits for reserch and diagnostic uses.
Development of new products
Production of antibodies for diagnositic uses in transgenic silkworms
Silkworms are free from ethical problem, and can be best solution as a substitute for mouse ascites antibody production.
Increases in sale
Human collagen as a novel cosmetic ingredient
Collagen produced by silkworms is human-type, and can be used as a low allergenic safe and comfortable material.
Increases in sale
Production of pharmaceuitical proteins in transgenic silkworms
We are developing pharmaceuitical proteins including fibrinogen, antibodies and vaccines using transgenic silkworms.
Alliance with pharmaceutical companies

We showed the usability of recombinant antobodies prodeced by silkworms as reagents for reseach and diagnostic uses, and are preparing to launch human collgen in cosmetic uses. Recently, we also demonstrated the production of recombinant fibrinogen with hemostatic activity.
Hot news
We obtained INCI name for Human Collagen.
Product name: Neosilk-Human Collagen I
INCI name: Transgenic Silkworm rh-Polypeptide-47
Alliance strategy
We hope alliances with pharmaceutical, diagnostic agents, and cosmetic companies for applications of recombinant proteins including antibodies, fibrinogen, vaccines, and collagen.

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