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HiPep Laboratories
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare
Drug discovery support/Contract service
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery
last update:2017/5/17

Delegates :
Kiyoshi Nokihara

Incorporated :
March  29 , 2002

Paid in Capital :
10 Million yen  

Employees :
7 人

Address :
Nakatsukasa-cho, 486-46, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8158, Japan KYOTO

+81-75-813-2101 / +81-75-801-0280


Attachment :
HiPep-company-brochure_eng.pdf [ 1.5MiB ]

Mission/Background :
Based on academic research in an interdisciplinary field as well as business experiences, HiPep Laboratories was founded in 2002 focusing on the biomedical applications of molecular recognition, for diagnostics and theranostics. The major concept is proteins can be mimicked by peptides. Recently development of microarray systems, PepTenChip (R), for protein detection has been completed. In addition to protein-recognition, DNA recognition by peptides consisting of pyrrole and imidazole (PIPA) has been studied.

Technology & Business
The core technology, designated HiPep(R) Technology, is highly efficient construction and characterization of designed peptides and conjugates. HiPep has developed unique laboratory devices and reagents for in-house use and sold as commercial products. Products/licensing/collaboration as follows:
[1] Novel biodetection systems, PepTenChip(R)
[2] Libraries of cyclic peptides immobilized on gel-type beads based on the “one peptide on one bead" concept (diversity: ca 200 millions); bioconjugate (peptide-vehicles) library, structured peptide libraries.
[3] Angiogenic peptides for reconstruction medicine (US & JP-PAT)
[4] Mimosine-derivatives.
[4] Reagents, devices with consumers and unique HPLC-columns developed for in-house use.
[5] PIPA-derivatives for DNA visualization and API.
[6] Contract research.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
PepTenChip(R), novel biodetection systems
Labeled peptides arrayed as capture molecules, amorphous carbon plates, and detection device in on-site use & maintenance free
PepTenChip(R) discriminates protein-structures; the recognition is not only 1:1 basis. Looking for collaborators for application
Angiogenic peptides and their conjugates for reconstruction medicine
Small peptides exhibiting strong angiogenesis has been found in animal experiments and SAR has been elucidated
Licensing and clinical applications by the collaboration of angiogenic peptides (patented in USA & Japan) are requested
Mimosine (Mim), non-proteinogenic amino acid, and mimosine containing peptides as research reagents and/or ingredients for drugs
Large scale production for Mim has been performed. Unique Mim-peptides for API or cosmeceutical ingredients (antioxidants or whi
Material supply/ Collaboration with companies having markets is expected.
Devices/consumers & novel HPLC-columns with high resolution developed for in-house use, and contract based research
Several devices focusing on highly efficient library construction in addition to technology know-how transfer.
Recent on-going own projects are detection of BSE, study on protein structural conversion, cancer-DDS, cosmetics
PIPA(Pyrrole Imidazole PolyAmide )
Probe for Research API
Telomere visualization probes GMP-production is planned
1)Novel biodetection systems, PepTenChip, arrayed with labeled structured peptides for protein detection/profiling(patented:EU,US,JP). Novel materials, amorphous carbon for biochips(PAT). Novel detection device for biochips: on-site use, maintenance free. 2)Production system for PIPA(peptides consisting of pyrrole and imidazole), which recognize double-stranded DNA, has been completed. PIPA can be applied gene-related therapies and novel probes. HiPep has established PIPA production system with QC-methods.
Hot news
Considerable effort has been devoted for PepTenChip®, the novel biodetection system and in the last year production facility has been completed (clean room for array production). Production scale of PIPA with QC methods have been completed.
Under consideration of growing in Asian markets HiPep Korea has been founded in 2016.

Alliance strategy
(1) Novel bio-detection system, PepTenChip(R), arrayed by labeled peptides/glycopeptides, novel chip material & a novel detector.
(2) Varieties peptide-based libraries for discovery which involve immobilized cyclic peptides, labeled structured peptides, bioconjugates “peptide-vehicle”.
(3) Angiogenic peptides for regeneration medicine.
(4) DNA-targeting probes and/or API by PIPAs.
(5) Non-proteinogenic amino acid, mimosine containing peptides for novel ingredients of drugs or cosmetics.

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