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Toyo Riki Engineering Co., Ltd.
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare

last update:2011/9/28

Delegates :
Narito Hosomi

Incorporated :
September  1 , 1962

Paid in Capital :
30 Million yen  

Employees :
20 人

Address :
6-13-60 Mitejima Nishiyodogawa-ku Osaka 555-0012 JAPAN OSAKA

+81-6-6473-6667 / +81-6-6473-6446


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
We have developed many automated machines for various fields since our company was started. From 1980's, we have delivered several hundred robot systems focused on productivity, qality and safety to numerous indusrial sectores.
We are advancing into the food, medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and life-science fields as an extension of our proven track record with chemical analysis robots.

Technology & Business
Industrial robot solutions focused on productivity, quality and safety.
● System integration engineering for industrial robots that aims to increase productivity, stabilize quality and ensure safety in the workplace
⇒ Analysys, measurment robots (Chemical, bioengineering and medical fields)
⇒ liquid crystal chemical polishing robots
⇒ Solar panel manufacturing line robots (Cell handling, measuring and soldering)
● Development of next-generation robots including communicating robots, and useful next-generation robotic systems
⇒ Safty robots, security robots, guide robots
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Chemical analysis Robot system
Robotic system works in the processing in various fields from preprocess to aftertreatment.
Medical Drugs Dispensing Robot S
Robotic system works in the pharmaceutical dispensing process.

Walking Assist System
This equipment works as a walking assistant at rehabilitation.

We have agreed to be a strategic paetner of "Stericlean robot" with Staubli.
Staubli's "Stericlean robot" is the most employed sterile and clean robots in the world.
We can provide the robotic system utilized the "Stericlean robot".
Hot news

Alliance strategy
We can develop the robotic system that is useful for routine works to be automatized at laboratories in variouse fields.
We want the companyies that holding the needs.

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