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Micron, Inc.
Drug discovery support/Contract service
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare
last update:2018/6/4

Delegates :
Michita Sato

Incorporated :
October  3 , 2005

Paid in Capital :
50 Million yen  as of 1st April, 2017

Employees :
190 人

Address :
Nihonnbashi-Nishikawa Building 1-5-3, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku TOKYO

+81-3-6262-2830 / +81-3-6262-2831


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
Micron, Inc., Japanese leading imaging CRO, was established with its expertise in the field of molecular imaging as a pioneer company in 2005.

The below three visions are set to be a best imaging CRO for the clients who are medical drugs/devices developers.
【Top Runner】 As an imaging CRO in Japan, Micron is going to be the "first-mover” of integrated imaging service provider.
【First Choice】 As a CRO for imaging clinical trials, Micron is going to be the "first option" for sponsors.
【Best Partner】 Micron is going to be the "best partner" trusted by customers through valuable "proposal" and reliable "execution".

In order to respond to the globalization of new drug development, Micron will solidify our foothold as a leading imaging CRO in Japan as well as in Asia-Pacific, and we will keep making efforts to further contribute to the clinical development.

Technology & Business
Recently, the use of medical imaging techniques such as PET, MRI, CT, and SPECT is increasing in clinical trials.

As the first imaging CRO company in Japan with it’s the biggest team of imaging experts in Asia, Micron conducts various CRO business activities and have totally supported imaging clinical trials/researches;
- Image data handling in clinical trials for medical drugs/devices
- PET site establishment
- Providing total support for clinical research and investigator-initiated clinical trial
- Imaging-biomarker development
- Distribution of image analysis software
- PET tracer manufacturing support

Also, Micron is evolving day by day with expanding its business function by securing personnel, accumulation of knows-and-hows, operational systemization, and software development.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Image data handling and monitoring in clinical trials for medical drugs/devices
We support high-quality image data handling in clinical trials using images for evaluation of endpoints.
We also provide consultation service of introducing imaging in studies of new technologies such as regenerative medicine.
A total service for clinical researches or investigator-initiated clinical trials
Micron will provide one-stop service for imaging clinical researches or investigator-initiated clinical trials.
We also provide advisory service for compliance with the Clinical Research Act.
Development of imaging biomarker and image analysis software
Micron is working on the development of imaging biomarkers that bring about innovation in clinical trials/researches.
Medical device approval/certification for products from abroad
Launch and operation support for PET investigational drug manufacturing facilities

PET studies support including technical transfer, establishment and operation of cGMP management
We will improve the PET clinical trial environment by building trust from more PET manufacturing facilities

- We have supported 80-100 image related projects annually, with a network with 100+ medical doctors in Japan and overseas.
- We started to sell of image anonymization software, ATRaS, which is useful in imaging clinical trials/researches.
- Micron has received approval as a “Type-II Medical Devices Marketing Authorization Holder” from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
- "icobrain" has certified as a medical device in Japan. (Certification No: 230ALBZX00010A01)
Hot news

Alliance strategy
We are also engaging in new fields such as regenerative medicine, so please contact us anytime if there is a possibility of imaging clinical trials/researches.

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