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CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd.
Drug discovery support/Contract service

last update:2012/8/17

Delegates :
Satoshi Ozawa

Incorporated :
July  1 , 2002

Paid in Capital :
242 Million yen  

Employees :
16 人

Address :
Leading Venture Plaza 75-1 Ono-cho Tsurumi-ku Yokohama KANAGAWA

45-500-2115 / 45-500-2137


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
The company was established to commercialize and disseminate the wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis technology and develop its application technology. Our goal is to make our technology platform and products globally available for molecular-level understanding of phenomena that underpin life, thus contributing to the development of bio-industry including pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries.

Technology & Business
The wheat germ cell-free technology developed by Professor Yaeta Endo of Ehime University enables stable and efficient synthesis of proteins of organisms ranging from microbes to higher organisms and even artificial proteins. All you need to do is simply add the target mRNA, amino acids, and other substrates to the wheat germ extract free of protein synthesis inhibitors. The technology permits the synthesis of hundreds of different kinds of proteins overnight and the synthesis of several hundred mg of a protein in 24-48 hours. We offer a variety of wheat germ extracts and other reagents for cell-free protein synthesis, robotic protein synthesizers, and lab services for protein synthesis.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Wheat Germ Extract WEPRO series
cell-free translation reagent
Please contact us for you inquiries
Desktop Type Automatic Synthesizer Protemist DTII
The machine performs sequential transcription, translation, and affinity purification with expected yield approx.3mg/run
Please contact us for you inquiries
Automatic Synthesizer Protemist XE
The machine performs a large scale translation with expected yield approx.100mg/run
Please contact us for you inquiries
Lab services for protein synthesis

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Protein Active Array (PAA)
Please see below Highlights
Please contact us for your inquiries
We have started providing samples of Protein Active Array (PAA), which was developed in collaboration with Dr. Naoki Goshima of AIST. PAA is a microarray of full-length human proteins, which are all expressed with the wheat germ cell-free system and arrayed on the substrate without being dried up.
Hot news

Alliance strategy
Identifying disease-related proteins and building an assay system for them using our cell-free technology is also one of the contract laboratory services we offer. When prospective target proteins are protein-protein complexes, the wheat germ cell-free technology is a powerful tool to prepare such proteins for the assay. We also welcome collaborative research using PAA and so please contact us.

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