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AntiCancer Japan Inc.
Drug discovery support/Contract service
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery

last update:2019/6/28

Delegates :
Robert M Hoffman, PhD

Incorporated :
November  6 , 2006

Paid in Capital :
1 Million yen  

Employees :
3 人

Address :
2-23-5 Ryukakujidai, Sakae town, Inba-gun Chiba Japan CHIBA

+81-476-77-8555 / +81-476-77-8015


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
AntiCancer Inc. of San Diego, CA, the parent company, was established at Nov. 1984 by Dr. RobertM Hoffman of UCSD.
AntiCancer Japan Inc. was established as a subsidiary of AntiCancer Inc. at Nov. 2006.
AntiCancer Japan is located at Saito, Osaka.

Technology & Business
AntiCancer is the only one company who has in vivo mouse model pf cancer growth and metastable using GFP/RFP cancer cells. More than 80 kinds of GFP/RFP cancer Cells are available from Wako Pure Chem. and contract research services are available using above technology from AntiCancer Japan.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
GFP/RFP cancer cells
These products are available from Wako Pure Chem.
To increase sales of GFP/RFP cancer cells
Contract research using flourescent protein cancer cells
We will evaluate the drug efficacy for anticancer drug using GFP/RFP cancer cells and mouse model.

GFP/RFP/CFP nude mice
GFP transgenic mice are available from Nippon SLC

Whole body imaging system
Whole body fluorescence imaging systems are available from Molecular Devices

PDX and PDOX cancer mouse creation
Drug evaluation using PDOX mouse

Collaborative research with Osaka University are published.
Other collaborative/contract research with various public institutes and private sectors are on
Hot news
Revised version of catalog including our GFP/RFP cancer cells together with available services will be issued and this new catalog will be delivered during show.
Alliance strategy
Together with GFP/RFP cancer cells, we are focusing to increase the contract research servises using our technologies with public institutes and private sectors.

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