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Transition State Technology Co. Ltd.
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare

last update:2017/5/17

Delegates :
Toru Yamaguchi

Incorporated :
June  23 , 2009

Paid in Capital :
5 Million yen  

Employees :
8 人

Address :
YUBIS-206 Yamaguchi Univ.,2-16-1, Tokiwadai, Ube YAMAGUCHI

836-35-9228 / 836-35-9228


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
S TECHNOLOGY is a venture corporation based on technical knowledge of Yamaguchi-University, established in 2009 as Transition State Technology Co.Ltd.
We will provide chemical innovation technology through the CASS (Computer Aided Synthesis) technology as your needs through"Cheminformatics and Computational chemistry". Patient experimental works have been only the solution to develop new synthesis routes of compounds and improve processes in chemical industry. However, recent advances of computer technology concerning with computationl chemistry and chemoinformatics make it possible to use theoretical methods for to the area for experimental chemists.

Technology & Business
TS TECHNOLOGY is the venture enterprise which advances the intruduction of computational science and informational science in control of synthesis route development and chemical reaction so-called "in silico". Our goal is to prevail our newly developed chemical reaction analysis technology, utilising TSDB (Transition State Data Bank), and to help improve the way of synthetic route development and manufacturing process modification in various enterprise environment.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
CASS(Computer Aided Synthesis)
Simulation of chemical reaction by quantum calcuration.
undertaking from Pharmaceutical Industry

about technology
1,CASS(Computer Aided Synthesis), Computer simulation, quantum chemical calculation, massively-parallel computational analysis.

applicable field
2, In Silico Screening in the field of drug discovery, optimization/CMC/catalyst design/synthetic route development in the field of pharmaceutical industry.
3, To help improve the way of developing new synthesis routes using computer simulation based on In Silico Screening.
Hot news

Alliance strategy
licensing-out of the pharmaceutical industry, entrusting research development service, formed a business partnership. We can align after determination of seed compound at the stage of the search for candidate structure, catalyst design, consideration of synthesis process.

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