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Biomatec Japan,Inc.
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery
Agriculture/Forestry/Fisheries/Livestock raising
last update:2012/8/17

Delegates :
Yoshiaki Kudo

Incorporated :
May   25 , 2006

Paid in Capital :
60 Million yen  

Employees :
13 人

Address :
24-1056, Niino, Kushiroshi HOKKAIDO

+81-154-68-4444 / +81-154-68-4445


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
"We shall contribute to people's quality of life in the health and beauty field." is our corporate philosophy.We invented a method to extract biomacromolecule "proteoglycan"(PG) contained in salmon nasal cartilage and have got a patent for it on 2006,and we established a company to produce the PG.
For a few years, we tested the safety and stability of the PG we produced and accumulated evidences and distributed samples to many makers of cosmetics or health foods.We applied for pavilions too to get more awareness.We have patents of U.S.A.and Russia now, and in February this year, we've awarded Prime Minister Prize of the 4th Mono-zukuri Japan Award.The PG is already widely applied for cosmetics and health foods.Still our aim is to develop efficient PG for reverse effect free anticancer,cure for ulcerative coritis,cure or prevention for allergies,cure or depressant for diabetes.It's hard to develop it by ourselves so we hope to collaborate with companies which have interests on us.

Technology & Business
Our products are chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan and undenatured type 2 collagen extracted with high purity from salmon nasal cartilage.Both are biomacromolecules and we don't make them low molecular so they dosen't work as nutrition.We've tested its efficiency and safety including patch test and there is no problem about using the PG for cosmetics. And we have registered the PG for INCI too.Hokkaido Univ.,Nagoya Univ. and Osaka Univ. are our partners.We have got fine results from testing efficiency of undenatured type 2 collagen.We have the patents in Japan, U.S.A. and Russia,and still under the examination in Europe,China and India at the present.We haven't jointed any public project yet and we've been through were offer type projects.There's another method of mass production of proteoglycan, however,our method is dominant as it takes less more time to extract and has higher yield rate,and we have our own method on harvesting cartilage from salmon heads too,so we can produce with lower costs.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Many goods have been on markets both as cosmetics and health foods
In terms with a few major cosmetics or health food makers, hoping to sign up by next March.
Undenatured type 2 collagen
Many goods have been on health food markets. Not applicable for cosmetics.
In terms with a few major health food makers, hoping to sign up by next March.

We've proceeded a lot after geting the Prime Minister Prize.A few major Pharmaceutical companies are giving us inquiries.A chinese companies is offering us a collaboration on studies and we're in negotiation at the present.We're working on more patent applications and export of products via trading companies for we've got contracts from overseas.Also,the PG will be exhibited at this year's IMF Annual Meeting in Tokyo as a representation of Japanese culture and manufacturing technology.
Hot news

Alliance strategy
What we hope to succeed is to develop efficient proteoglycan to produce reverse effect free anticancer,cure for ulcerative colitis, cure or prevention for allergies, cure or depressant for diabetes.
We want to collabolate with reseaching companies because it's hard to develop it by ourselves.The alliance
company is not limited to domestic company but also foreign company.We also need supporters as steady stockholders because we'll have to extend the plant in the future.

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