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Globe Co.,Ltd.
Drug discovery support/Contract service

last update:2019/9/12

Delegates :
Toshihiko Kodera

Incorporated :
December  17 , 2015

Paid in Capital :
2 Million yen  

Employees :
6 人

Address :
ASTEM 7F 134 Chuodoji Nan-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city KYOTO

+81-75-748-9777 / +81-75-748-9788


Attachment :
JBA_記載文書_英文.pdf [ 535.2KiB ]

Mission/Background :
Business Philosophy
## Contribute to the creation of a happy society by contributing to the advancement of regenerative treatment with the aim of becoming a planning and development type manufacturing company that supports the fields of regenerative medicine and physics and chemistry equipment##

Entrusted development of dedicated cell culture incubators, consignment development of rotating culture devices and cell observation devices. We are steadily accumulating results such as cell growth recorders.

Technology & Business
Based on the development know-how of industrial machinery and control equipment, we accept contracted development of culture devices, incubators, observations and storage for dedicated cells.
We have received a new type of octagonal cell culture bottle that can be used for research purposes from our partner companies, and we have developed a rotating culture device specifically for that bottle.
We are also developing a cell growth recording device that creates a database of cell growth history and can record it as evidence of the cell growth process. It can be used in the incubator, and the type with WiFi communication function allows you to check the data being recorded from outside without taking it out of the incubator.
We are planning to develop a small and compact cell culture system suitable for small-scale cell culture, and two patents related to it have been issued.
I am applying. Two types of patents are pending.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Rotating culture device
Rotating culture device dedicated to octagonal cell culture bottles. Can be used in the incubator. Please order with the bottle.
Please order with the bottle.
Cell growth recorder
This device can be used and observed in an incubator to record cell growth.
We are trying to reduce costs.
Cell cutting device
A device that cuts the cells to be observed. Can cut to about 2mm width.
We are brushing up for commercialization.
Development of dedicated incubator.
We will develop and produce a dedicated incubator to meet your needs.
Please consult us.

● Patent pending for small cell culture system
● A patent for a polygonal column-shaped cell culture vessel is pending.
● A patent for a cell culture observation container is pending.
● We are applying for a patent for a system that measures muscle strength and uses the IoT environment to convert it into big data.
Hot news
The results have been steadily increasing since the 5th year since its establishment.
Recently, we have received a lot of equipment development requests from companies that we have dealt with in the past.
Alliance strategy
● Research institutes that can ask for field testing of our products
● Research institutions and companies that require a dedicated cell culture environment (contract development)

This page is displayed by "Spiral" of PIPED BITS Co.,Ltd., which is a database management ASP service, our contracted partner.