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Bio Optical Inc.
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare

last update:2012/12/17

Delegates :
Kunio Isono

Incorporated :
April  14 , 2008

Paid in Capital :
3 Million yen  

Employees :
8 人

Address :
AdachiKu Shimane TOKYO

03-3859-6221 / 03-3859-6221


Attachment :
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Mission/Background :
Bio Optical Institute,Inc. carries out product development which is a basis of the meaning to say and fused optical technologies together chemistry apparatus.
Company’s philosophy is understanding and re=interpretation which is not given up and is constant effort.
The Company provides domestic and overseas with the cell culture allied products of highly efficient added value. Establishment / April, 2008.

Technology & Business
While waiting for improvement in cultivation technology, such as an embryonic stem cell, the dish products and cultures system that improve conventional cell culture environments. It is making a heater unite with cultivation containers, such as a dish, employing the transparent conductive films that does not check microscopic observations, and is a vessel that responds to than accurate temperatures environments. Furthermore, micro mini CO2 incubator and Drug development sys is developed based on this CellHome.
The CellHome opens up new possibilities for cultured environmental control of live cell imaging.
It is possible to use efficient conductive thermal transfer from ITO cover glass with transparent heater directly to cell, and electrochemical devices as electroporation and culture reactor.
To cell adhesion and extensibility problem on the glass side that is the weak point of a past glass bottom dish, iDish broke off these problems by doing ITO coat.

Products & Service
Products & Service Name
cell culture vesse / CellHome, iDish , iSlide
Thema:conductive culture vessel with optical thin-film coating products
The culture cell usage in the embryo stem cell and the regenerative medicine field that is a recent topic is made a target.

【Adopted a national project】
Our development plan "Development of the cell culture instrument that had the functionality" was adopted for the strategic, basic, technological upgrade support business of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI),Japan fiscal year 2009.
Hot news
The Company aims at the corporate which accreted the bio-field with the optics which provides domestic and overseas with the high cell culture allied products of highly efficient added value.
Present main business activities are described.
1. a cell culture reactor which added the heater and sensor function
2. the system - incubation environmental ・ temperature monitoring
3. Glass slides board for well structures
4.functional coating product which increase a cells culture

Alliance strategy
Ensure closer cooperation with universities and reliability, competition for funding next year
For securing and the competing capital securing of the next fiscal year. cooperate with a university and closer reliability and Joint development system construction with supplier.

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