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This Japanese Biotech Directory is edited and managed by Japan Bioindustry Association(JBA) in cooperation with supporting organizations to bio clusters and venture companies of each region in Japan.
We aim to promote the creation of business alliance opportunities and make activate bio venture companies by broadly disseminating information on excellent bio venture companies in and out of Japan.

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Momotaro-Gene Inc. Ad-SGE-REIC
in silico biology, inc. in silico MolecularCloning GenomeTraveler
TBA Co., Ltd. C-PAS(Genetic testing strip)
Repertoire Genesis Inc. TCR/BCR Repertoire Analysis Neoepitope Analysis
Metallogenics Co.,Ltd. Assay kit (Li,Zn,Cu,Fe,Ca,Mg,etc) for automatic analyzer. (IVD) Assay kit (Li,Zn,Cu,Fe,Ca,Mg,etc) for research use.
ProteinExpress Co., Ltd. Protein Expression & Production Service VHH antibody screening and purification service Alkali-resistant affinity resin for antibody purification Magnetic beads for IP & Chip, antibody purification Pin-point Protein Labeling Reagents
DYNACOM Co.,Ltd. SNPAlyze Statistical Analysis
GeneFrontier Corporation PUREfrexRD Therapeutic antibody: GFC101 Therapeutic antibody: GFC201 Therapeutic antibody: GFC301
HekaBio K.K. Alpha DaRT
NanoMistTechnologies, Co. Ltd. Standardized Lab Machine
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