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ProteinExpress Co., Ltd.
Drug discovery support/Contract service
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery
last update:2017/10/5

Delegates :
Yoshihiro Otaki Ph.D

Incorporated :
October  18 , 2000

Paid in Capital :
50 Million yen  

Employees :
6 人

Address :
Chiba University Inohana Innovation Plaza 1-8-15, Inohana, Chuo-ku, chiba-shi CHIBA

+81-43-202-5755 / +81-43-202-5756


Attachment :
171005_introduction_of_ProX(英文).pdf [ 770KiB ]

Mission/Background :
Our core competence is protein production technology, we are engaged in protein production, production of antigens and antibodies, development of interaction tools.
Since its establishment, we succeeded in developing various reagents and kits based on these basic technologies. In recent years, we have developed an affinity ligand for antibody purification (low molecular weight) (patent pending) and succeeded in commercialization of purification carrier using this.
Furthermore, by introducing external technology, we have developed a system that can conduct screening services for small molecule antibodies such as VHH antibodies and are considering advancing into diagnostic measurement fields utilizing this technology.

Technology & Business
We have a variety of expression systems such as Brevibacillus bacteria, Escherichia coli and other microorganisms, animal cells, cell-free translation system and so on, we can respond to customer's demand to the maximum, we can cope with various kinds of chromatography.
We also commercialized resins and affinity magnetic beads that immobilized affinity ligands (patent pending) for antibody purification (low molecular weight) developed using these basic technologies, and became products with excellent cost performance compared with conventional products We will.
Others Our VHH antibody screening and production service is a method that enables us to obtain antibodies without using laboratory animals and it is also an effective service for producing antibodies against antigens that could not be acquired by conventional methods We are.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Protein Expression & Production Service
Expression of the desired protein using Brevibacillus, E coli, Mammalian cells, and purification using chromatography.
Aim for a comprehensive entrustment contract with a company.
VHH antibody screening and purification service
Screening VHH antibody genes having specific affinity for antigen,Service to express and purify.
By enriching the technology, we will increase the awareness of VHH antibody and increase the number of requests.
Alkali-resistant affinity resin for antibody purification
Affinity resin with alkaline resistance is strong for repeated use.
Increase in sales to customers who are engaged in pharmaceutical manufacturing and research on small molecule antibodies.
Magnetic beads for IP & Chip, antibody purification
Magnetic particles with ligand protein immobilized have high antibody binding ability and are easy to use for IP & Chip.
Improve product name recognition and product expansion.
Pin-point Protein Labeling Reagents
It is a reagent that introduces an unnatural amino acid at a specified site of a protein and can be efficiently synthesized.
Improve product name recognition and product expansion.
-Innovative biotechnology creation infrastructure technology development project Participation in the development of basic technology for low molecular bispecific antibodies aiming at next-generation biopharmaceuticals (2015)
-Start of VHH antibody screening, expression purification service (2016/4)
Hot news

Alliance strategy
-Collaborative research and licensing out of ligand proteins.
-Collaborative research and business alliance in the development of diagnostic agents for infectious diseases using VHH antibody, food inspection kit etc.

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