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Braizon Therapeutics Inc
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery

last update:2019/2/28

Delegates :
Mariko Tosu

Incorporated :
October  30 , 2015

Paid in Capital :
59 Million yen  

Employees :
1 人

Address :
Sanyu Bldg 201 3-42-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku TOKYO

+81-3-5805-3417 / +81-3-5805-3418


Attachment :
バイオベンチャーインダストリー 画像.jpg [ 134.9KiB ]

Mission/Background :
The issue of drug delivery into the central nervous system (CNS) is that the brain is strongly protected by the blood brain barrier (BBB). The technology is expected to deliver drugs by crossing BBB into the brain effectively and many pharmaceutical companies who aim to develop therapeutic agents for CNS disorders demand such kinds of technologies.
We developed a technology of using unique micelles to deliver drugs effectively through BBB into the brain. Furthermore, to use secondary ligand, method for delivery to target organs (cells) is developing. This technology would be applicable for not only new drug development but also developed drugs which were dropped out from the process of development.
We focus practically use of this technology and introduce it world-widely to pharmaceutical companies or diagnosis companies.

Technology & Business
Our technology using nano micelles for delivering drugs into brain via Glut 1 enables enhancing accumulation rate of drugs into the brain by over 100 times comparing with current situation.
To use nano micelles, stability of drug in blood circulation and number of molecules delivered into the brain are increased. These technology is developed by Dr. Kataoka, professor of the university of Tokyo, general director of innovation center of Nano Medicine (iCONM) and Dr. Yokota, professor of Tokyo Medical Dental University and we continue strongly collaboration with them to improve and strengthen our technologies. And we actively perform research collaboration and alliance of developing good tools for crossing BBB for patient struggling with CNS diseases.

Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Drug delivery system into the brain crossing Blood Brain Barrier
Using Glucose transporter at BBB (GLUT1), glucose-decorated micelles including drug is delivered into the brain
Polishing and improvement of the technology and move to preclinical research by collaboration with academia institute or pharms

Patent for the technology of GLUT1 mediated transportation into the brain has been patented.
Several collaborations already started with domestic or foreign pharmaceutical companies.

Hot news
We will make press release about our business soon.
Alliance strategy
We would like to have the collaborative research or start tie-up investigation with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies or academia organizations working on the conquest of the CNS disease by the application of the blood-brain barrier crossing technology.

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