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Janusys corporation
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery

last update:2015/2/25

Delegates :
CEO Toshikatsu Kobayashi

Incorporated :
December  12 , 2003

Paid in Capital :
71 Million yen  

Employees :
2 人

Address :
508, Saitama Industrial Technology Center 3-12-18 KamiAoki, Kawaguchi SAITAMA

482621247 / 482621248


Attachment :
Janusys_technology_150225.pdf [ 255.9KiB ]

Mission/Background :
“Innovation by Peptide Revolution”
For the past few decades, productivity of new drugs has diminished dramatically in the worldwide market. Janusys’s mission is to provide a solution to the industry issue known as “Productivity Gap”. Based on a platform technology which can effectively find a lead peptide for drug discovery, we will contribute to the pharmaceutical industry.

Technology & Business
Our technology has received favorable evaluation from some pharmaceutical companies as having unique features and quite practical in doing business. We are thinking to create early stage alliances with global pharmaceutical companies in order to expand our business and fill the Productivity Gap.
Current technologies in the market such as Combinatorial Chemistry, High-throughput Screening (HTS), and in silico Drug Design have not made enough contribution in filling the Productivity Gap. The main issue which other technologies have is that they cannot be applied to a large library enough to realize effective screening to find new compounds. In that sense, Janusys’s platform technology has an ability to solve the issue.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
lead peptides for drug discovery
Efficient discovery of peptide-leads by our proprietary and innovative platform technology
Early stage business development in partnering with pharmaceutical companies on the premises of product-licenses

Our platform technology has been successfully used for obtaining lead peptide molecules against a variety of targets. As a specific example, Interleukin 6-receptor antagonist peptide were selected by using random peptide library and cDNA display technology. Obtained peptide showed promising characteristics comparable to monoclonal antibody in cellular assays. (Please see the Attachment file)
Hot news

Alliance strategy
Since our business domain is drug discovery and development, alliance with pharmaceutical companies will be a main part of our business.
In order to realize effective alliance, our focus will be on finding optimized lead compounds, and pharmaceutical companies will accelerate development process by evaluating the compounds using their own research infrastructure. This will be an ideal partnership to make a good business.

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