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chromocenter Inc.
Drug discovery support/Contract service

last update:2012/8/13

Delegates :
Takashi Matsuoka, President

Incorporated :
June  15 , 2005

Paid in Capital :
50 Million yen  

Employees :
14 人

Address :
133-2, Nishi-cho, Yonago City TOTTORI

+81-859-37-3838 / +81-859-37-3833


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
chromocenter Inc. is a R&D oriented venture company focussed on chromosome engineering. Our fundamental technology is a mammalian artificial chromosome vector, and it was developed Prof, Oshimura of Tottori Univ.
Our corporate philosophy is that “~for many people suffering diseases ~ we are contributing to progress human health and medical care with advanced chromosomal engineering technologies”. We can provide various services including construction of research tools for drug developments.

Technology & Business
Properties of Our mammalian artificial chromosome vector
Our fundamental technology, mammalian artificial chromosome vector has some advantages against other vectors that 1) our vector can maintain in host cells without integration of host genome, 2) overexpression or suppression of the gene introduced is not occurred after long-term cultivation, 3) our vector does not limit gene size introduced.
We has developed two types of mammalian artificial chromosome vectors, human artificial chromosome (HAC) vector and mouse artificial chromosome (MAC) vector. You can choose depending on your purpose.

Intellectual properties
HAC vector patent has been established in Japan and MAC vector patent is now under PCT application. Moreover, we has developed “humanized drug metabolizing model mice”, which contains human CYP3A gene cluster, and the patent has established worldwide including Japan.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Humanized drug metabolizing model mice which possesses human chromosome reason containing CYP3A gene cluster
Pharmacokinetics service using humanized drug metabolizing mice, and distribution of mice with breeding fees.
We are now preparing the mice as many customer can conduct collaborative research using them.
Construction of diseases model cells and protein overproduction cells services using mammalian artificial chromosome vector
We can provide contract service to construct cell lines you desired using mammalian artificial chromosome vector.
We are now preparing practical examples in order to use our service.
Chromosome analysis service
Using chromosome engineering technology cultivated over the years, we provide karyotype and FISH analysis of mammalian cells.
Extension of organism we can analyze (we have cell analysis experience from human, mouse, monkey, fox, cow etc.)

We are now preparing humanized drug metabolizing model mice, which is a result of collaborative research with Tottori Univ for research purpose.
We aim to provide a stable supply of the mice from October 2012, and now accepting reservations.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Hot news
We are focusing on development of protein expression system using HAC/MAC vector technology.
If you have any interests, please contact us.

Alliance strategy
HAC/MAC vector can introduce any gene (s) into various type of cell stably and it is possible to construct a disease model cells and mice. We has already produced human CYP3A mice, these research tools lead your drug discovery process success.
Moreover, HAC/MAC vector can apply drug target protein expression and construction of biologics production system.
We would like to alliance with companies interested in the effective drug discovery process and development of innovative drugs.

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