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CytoPathfinder, Inc.
Drug discovery support/Contract service
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery
last update:2013/8/27

Delegates :
President&CEO Ryuji Yamamoto

Incorporated :
December  20 , 2004

Paid in Capital :
10 Million yen  

Employees :
9 人

Address :
JS Ichigaya Bldg. 6F Chiyoda-ku, Gobancho, 5-1 TOKYO

+81-3-5530-8086 / +81-3-5530-8087


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
CytoPathfinder, Inc. was established as a spin-off bio-venture of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) vested with proprietary solid-phase transfection technologies.
In 2009, six years into its existence, what started as a drug discovery support company acquired Pharmacogenomics Innovative Solutions Ltd. (PGXIS Ltd.), a UK-based venture company specialized in pharmacogenomics, or PGx, with an eye on expanding its scope to include clinical development.

Technology & Business
CytoPathfinder and PGXIS, its UK affiliate, offer a range of world-leading functional genomics technologies to enhance your R&D activities:
1. Transfection technology
With the original transfection accelerator, we have developed a novel solid-phase technique for siRNA/miRNA transfection.
1) Easy to use; all that you need is only to seed the cells
2) Highly effective and highly reproducible even for hard-to-transfect cells such as normal cells, primary cells, floating cells
3) BY miniature-sizing, it allows multiple assays even with very small amounts of precious material
2. Pharmacogenomics (PGx)-Related Consultation (Fee-For-Service)
, and PGx analysis service using our original software Taxonomy3
3. Search of the target of the Drug Discovery, and Out-licensing 0f our own chemical compounds pipelines.

Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Solid-phase Transfection Plates: @Optimization platse(human, rat, mice)ACustom platesBPlates for high throughput screening
One-step transfection: Just Seed and Watch! Enjoy efficient siRNA / miRNA transfections.
Communicate the advantages of the Solid-phase transfection technologies and disseminate them.
Pharmacogenomics (PGx)-Related Consultation, and PGx analysis service using our original algorithm Taxonomy3 (Fee-For-Service)
PGx consultation by experts, and PGx analysis service using our original algorithm Taxonomy3 (Tax3)
Support the Drug discovery and/or Drug repositioning research, applying our abundant expertise and powerful analysis tools
Out-licensing the chemical compounds under development
1. PG103 for treatment of acute pancreatitis 2. PG092; a novel CCR2 antagonist for anti-inflammatory indications
Find and negotiate with potential licensees for our pipeline compounds

In the trasfection business, CytoPathfinder has a long track record of working with pharmaceutical companies in Japan and elsewhere as a research collaboration and fee-for-service partner. In 2008, the company transferred its patented technology to Takeda Pharmaceutical, Japan’s leading drug company: a proof that the technology has been well established with promising future.
Hot news

Alliance strategy
Expand business globally with open innovation
1. Transfer our technologies to companies, universities, and research institutes.
2. Business collaboration with whom the synergy effect can be expected.
3. Expansion of the applicable cell species of the solid phase transfection technology by joint research.
4. Search the seeds of drug discovery by joint research.
5. Business deployment or OEM supply overseas with the support from companies with global sales network.

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