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iFoodMed Inc.
Drug discovery support/Contract service
last update:2019/9/12

Delegates :
Hiroaki Maeda

Incorporated :
August  , 2017

Paid in Capital :
3 Million yen  

Employees :

Address :
Universe Daiichi-bldg 2F 3-2-3 Nihonbashi, Chuou-ku, Tokyo TOKYO

+81-1671-5507 /


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Mission/Background :
Foods have many functions that cannot be explained nutritionally, such as immune activation in the intestinal tract and maintenance of intestinal microflora.
Our company utilizes the technologies of Dr. Noriko Tsuji of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), to clarify the effects of foods on the intestinal immune system. We will develop new methods to evaluate immunostimulation effects by foods in small intestine, and solutions for health improvement by changing eating habits.

Technology & Business
iFoodMed Inc. provides analytical service on the immunostimulatory function (anti-inflammation / infection resistance) by utilizing our unique technologies, and solution for health improvement by modulating immune function with foods.
Our aim is to add value on foods by clearing function other than nutritionally. We are developing platforms and services which can evaluate the effects of foods through the digestive tract on immune system, brain function, and endocrine system using human flora mice that mimic the human intestine.
We also provide the services to evaluate the immunostimulatory ability of food ingredients such as lactic acid bacteria. We test about innate immunity (antibacterial peptides, etc.), acquired immunity (IgA etc.), and metabolites (such as serotonin). We can provide tests using intestinal cells or animal disease models. Please contact us about joint research and development.

Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Research on immune modulation
In vitro experiment to evaluate immunomodulatory effects of probiotic bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria and food components
Customer acquisition, new technology development
Research on oral immunity and intestinal immunity
In vivo evaluation by measuring microbiome metabolites in serum and IgA in saliva and stool.
Collaboration with the healthcare industry
Immune risk evaluation service
Accumulation of basic information to clarify the relationship between immune-related biomarkers and intestinal flora
Development of evaluation technology, formulation and standardization of standard values
Research using animal models.
Joint research in the development of humanized microbiota mice to elucidate the relationship between the intestinal environment
Technology development, preclinical studies
Joint development of oral and intestinal immunity improvement technology
Joint research on developing functional foods that promote small intestinal health.
Demonstration of oral and intestinal immunity improvement technology and food education through clinics, etc
We have moved in the food innovation building at Ibaraki University, and started joint research projects to develop functional foods. We are discussing business alliance with CLEA Japan Inc. to develop humanized microbiota mice. We contributed the establishment of Food Medicine Network, launched in May. The purpose of the organization is reviewing the traditional food culture and ingredients based on the local history and climate with a scientific eye, and passing on the knowledge to the next generation.
Hot news

Alliance strategy
We are looking for business partners to develop evaluation methods of immunostimulatory effects and body’s immune function change by foods.
We would also like to collaborate on research related to humanaized microbiota mice.

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