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Drug discovery support/Contract service
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare
last update:2023/7/25

Delegates :
Akikazu Murakami

Incorporated :
April  6 , 2018

Paid in Capital :
 Million yen  

Employees :
3 人

Address :
Okinawa Life Science Research Center Room 120 5-8 Suzaki, Uruma City OKINAWA

98-923-1671 / 98-923-1672


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
The company was established in April 2018 for two objectives.
The first is to commercialize a rapid development system for high-affinity, high stable, and high productive antibodies, which was established by Akikazu Murakami CEO, also a faculty member of the Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Ryukyus.
The second is to bank the natural bacteriophages latent in Okinawa, and to develop pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs.

Management philosophy
By fusing the great discoveries of our ancestors with modern technology, we create new science and technology to support manufacturing and contribute to human health and well-being and social development.

"From Okinawa to the World"
We aim to be a company full of creativity and craftsmanship from Okinawa to the world, starting from a company where workers can shine.

Technology & Business
1. Providing high-affinity, stable and productive VHH antibodies
We have the technology to rapidly develop VHH antibodies by using a phage display method without animals. This technology is highly stable, inexpensive, and the obtained VHH antibodies can be mass-produced compared to general antibodies.

2. Isolation of bacteriophage and development of pharmaceuticals
Bacteriophages infect and lyse bacteria, so they have long been used to treat infections and studied for over 100 years, however, the appearance of antibiotics has made phage therapy a forgotten method in Western countries.
In recent years, the problem of drug-resistant bacteria has become serious, and the use of bacteriophage has been reviewed worldwide as one of effective measures against it.
We have the technique to efficiently isolate bacteriophages that have a high bactericidal ability for a wide range of bacteria from nature.
We are developing phage preparations that can kill multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Products & Service
Products & Service Name
VHH antibody service
Using our unique VHH antibody library with 40 billion diversities, we can custom-produce VHH antibodies against any antigen.
Not only contract manufacturing, we list the VHH antibodies that we have acquired in our catalog and sell them.
Bacteriophages service
We provide bacteriophages for the bacteria of your choice after isolating them from nature and characterizing.
We are working on building a production system for bacteriophages.

・July 2022: Adopted by Okinawa Prefecture as ''Biotechnology related industry commercialization promotion project subsidy (Subsidy Project Scheduled 3 years)"
・Joint research is ongoing with various companies in both the VHH antibody business and the bacteriophage business.
Hot news

Alliance strategy
・We are looking for joint development partners for products and formulations using bacteriophage.
・Requests and consultations regarding production of VHH antibodies and isolation of bacteriophages are always welcome.

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