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Xcoo, Inc.
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare

last update:2017/11/28

Delegates :
Kunihiro Nishimura, Ph.D.

Incorporated :
April  1 , 2011

Paid in Capital :
4 Million yen  

Employees :
15 人

Address :
Mitsuyama Bldg., 4F 4-2-5, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, TOKYO

+81-3-3868-2374 / +81-3-3868-2374


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
Xcoo was founded in 2011 by Kunihiro Nishimura, Ph.D., who during his researcher and assistant professor days at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo, contributed in presenting results on genomic data analysis and visualization by gene expression, copy number variation and next generation sequencing (NGS), to prominent journals such as Nature.
Through the presentation of the total solution software for cancer precision medicine software Chrovis, Xcoo promotes continuous development of genome medical treatment and precision medicine.
In addition to being chosen as a "100 Next Generation Venture Companies to Save Japan" by Nikkei Business Journal, Xcoo, as a notable start-up company from the University of Tokyo, has been among the finalists for various awards both in Japan and worldwide.

Technology & Business
・The total solution software for precision medicine Chrovis, is our main product. We implement services for cancer genome medical care that support genomic information analysis, knowledge database, report generation for patients, etc.. Xcoo currently teams with the University of Tokyo in its cancer genome medical research project.
・Chrovis maintains reliability equivalent to clinical testing standards, automatically analyzes individual genome information by next generation sequencing (NGS), and uses a knowledge database based on an enormous amount of information, in which we aim to provide reports directly linked to individualized diagnosis and treatment.

Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Chrovis is total solution software for genome medical treatment, which analyzes, defines, and reports data by the next generatio
By leveraging Chrovis, we contribute to the social implementation of genomic medicine.

From genome analysis to their optimal treatment, as well as research to be used for drug selection and determination, all obtained from the somatic mutations and germline mutations of cancer patients, Xcoo, by using Chrovis, software for information analysis in genomic medicine, works on informatics on the genome medical research project lead by the University of Tokyo.
Hot news
In an article titled "Person - Scientists who Support Genome Medicine" carried in the evening publication of the Nikkei (Nihon Keizai Shimbun) dated June 21, 2017, Satomi Sakata, CDO (Chief Design Officer) of Xcoo, was featured along with a profile photo of herself. Xcoo was introduced as a partner of the University of Tokyo, in a project in creating a cancer related gene mutations and symptoms “knowledge database”.
Alliance strategy
We hope to collaborate in areas of development and management of mechanisms such as clinical sequence, knowledge database, natural language processing, and visualization, in which we may utilize our technology and experience.

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