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Techno Guard Co.Ltd.
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery
Agriculture/Forestry/Fisheries/Livestock raising

last update:2012/8/21

Delegates :
Kiichiro Nabeta

Incorporated :
January  8 , 1988

Paid in Capital :
10 Million yen  

Employees :
5 人

Address :
1-653-7-205 maruko-dori, nakahara-ku, kawasaki -city KANAGAWA

+81-44-435-6273 / +81-44-435-6273


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
TECHNO GUARD Co.,Ltd. go on with the applied research of nano-technology from starting of nano-emulsion technique.
And now we have 6 nano-techniques and develop injections, ophthalmic solutions, tablets, suppositories, ointment.
By these nano-techniques, it is possible to make a good absorption of insoluble drug, a DDS formulation, a change of ADME.
Nano-API (API downsized in nano-scale) are used for @bulk sales Aproduction of commercial formulation in customer’s factory Bproduction of commercial formulation in our factory.

Technology & Business
Nano-technique consists of @nano-emulsion Anano-solution Bnano-powder Cnano-non aqueous solution Dnano-semisolid Enano-complex.
For the formulation containing nano-API, we choose optimum inactive pharmaceutical ingredient within the permissible range of the administration route according to JP, USP, EP.
The formulation is able to carry out not in vitro test, but on animal test (rat, pig etc.) and to estimate it’s characteristics.
New API, valuable active pharmaceutical ingredient is possible to investigate and make the formulation using a small amount of nano-API.
Now we develop formulations of anti-cancer drug, immuno-suppression drug etc.

Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Nano-API (API downsized in nano-scale) and Nano-formulation (containing nano-API)
Manufacture and sales nano-API and nano-formulation to pharmaceutical companies and trading companies
Make new nano-technique for all API.

We have 6 nano-techniques by developing new nano-technology.
We develop the formulation of new drug, NSAIDs, anti-cancer drug, cardiovascular drug and recently production schedule is going.
Our customer come from USA, Korea, India except JAPAN.
And our fundamental and developing research are supported by Kanagawa-pref., Kwasaki-city etc.

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Alliance strategy
We handle with case by case

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