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TBA Co., Ltd.
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare

last update:2019/7/25

Delegates :
Dr.Mitsuo Kawase

Incorporated :
July  1 , 2013

Paid in Capital :
63 Million yen  

Employees :
7 人

Address :
T-Biz307 Aoba-6-6-40 Aramaki, Aoba Ward, Sendai MIYAGI

+81-22-721-7822 / +81-22-721-7822


Attachment :
C-PAS_catalog_(Eng).pdf [ 1.2MiB ]

Mission/Background :
TBA Co., Ltd. was established in July 2013 and TBA’s vision is to contribute to building the healthy and safe society with STH-PAS technology,
(Single Tag Hybridization-Printed Array Strip) which enables easy genetic testing for anyone and anywhere.
TBA’s core business is production and sale of PAS, which is genetic testing strip for visual judgement used in the STH method.
Through business operation, TBA will try to contribute to relief of the poor and infants who are exposed to higher risk of infectious disease.

Technology & Business
C-PAS, the core product, is membrane strip which complementary tags are printed on.
It is used in STH (Single-stranded Tag Hybridization) method (Patented in March 2015).
Our company sells to kit manufacturers this C-PAS as a raw material of the diagnostic kit as a B to B business.
<Advantage of C-PAS>
・Multiplex (Maximum 12 target can be detected simultaneously)
・Versatile(Even if the target is different, C-PAS itself can be used by simply changing the primer)
・Detected in 10 min. (Add coloring agent after PCR and insert C-PAS. 10min later blue line can be visually confirmed)

Feeling like a rapid test, genetic testing can be done.
In addition, multiple detection is possible at the same time, and same material can be used and it may bring cost reduction.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
C-PAS(Genetic testing strip)
C-PAS is being sold as a part of diagnostic kit and research use.
We aim to expand sales channels for both research applications and diagnostic kit components.

1) Animal Species Detection Kit : Gene Fields-Meat, manufactured by Kurabo co.,ltd.
Now on sale. It can distinguish several types of meat at once.
2) Infectious Disease Diagnostic Kit: by a certain diagnostic manufacturer overseas
Preparing for the sale. Ex: M. tuberculosis, STD, respiratory infections kit etc.
3) Aquaculture shrimp infection test kit: by a domestic kit manufacturer
It can detect four types of virus. Ready to be sold mainly in Southeast Asia soon.
Hot news
October 2017: Participated in 2nd International Joint Symposium in Zambia

September 2017: Exhibited at Medical Fair Thailand 2017

May 2017 : Our product was fetured in Nature magazine.
Nature No. 455 No. 7654 Specials Corner Outlook: University spin-offs
Alliance strategy
★Dear Kit manufacturers ★
Companies to undertake the manufacture and sale of diagnosis/test kits as your own products.
Examples of content : M. tuberculosis, Mycoplasma pneumonia, Mosquito-borne viruses, etc.
Contract development is also available.
★Dear Researchers ★
Researchers who want to construct a simple diagnosis/inspection system.
Example: Carbapenem-resistant bacteria, drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), food poisoning bacteria, drug resistant tuberculosis bacteria, etc

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