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3-D Matrix, Ltd.
Medical care/Diagnosis/Medical equipment/Healthcare
Pharmaceutical/Drug Discovery

last update:2013/8/20

Delegates :
Kentaro Takamura

Incorporated :
May   19 , 2004

Paid in Capital :
2139 Million yen  As of April 2013

Employees :
20 人

Address :
Kojimachi-HF Building 7F 3-2-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-Ku TOKYO

+81-3-3511-3440 / +81-3-3511-3402


Attachment :

Mission/Background :
We are engaged in research, manufacturing, and sales of medical devices in Japan, rest of Asia, US and Europe, based on exclusive and worldwide license on MIT’s self-assembling peptide technology. Our self-assembling peptide is a fully synthesized hydrogel that is infection risk free, bio-degradable, and bio-compatible – an unique and ideal material for medical use.

Technology & Business
We are focused on commercialization of various applications for self-assembling peptide, including medical devices (hemostat, EMR aid, embolism), tissue regeneration (bone regeneration, skin regeneration), and base material for nucleic acid Drug Delivery System (DDS). We are also engaged in numerous collaborative research projects with various research centers to develop other applications for our self-assembling technology.
Products & Service
Products & Service Name
Development of medical devices based on self-assembling peptide technology
Multiple products such as hemostat, EMR aid, embolism, dental bone filler, and wound healing material are in pipeline.
To expand manufacturing and distribution globally, including US, EU and Asia.
Development of tissue regeneration medicine techniques based on self-assembling peptide technology
We are developing techniques related to bone and heart muscle regeneration.
To continue development towards commercialization of our research.
Development of Drug Delivery System (DDS) based on self-assembling peptide technology
Our self-assembling peptide is used as the carrier of drug.
To license out our technology to a third party such as a pharmaceutical company.

We are continuing to expand globally, having recently established subsidiaries in Lyon, France and Singapore. We are headquartered in Tokyo, with another subsidiary in Boston, USA.
Hot news

Alliance strategy
We are open to discuss with potential partners - collaborative research, licensing out, distributor partnership, and other types of partnerships

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