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This Japanese Biotech Directory is edited and managed by Japan Bioindustry Association(JBA) in cooperation with supporting organizations to bio clusters and venture companies of each region in Japan.
We aim to promote the creation of business alliance opportunities and make activate bio venture companies by broadly disseminating information on excellent bio venture companies in and out of Japan.

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Tanso Biosciences, Inc. Comprehensive functional assay for >300 human GPCRs
ARTham Therapeutics, Inc ART-648 ART-001 EP2/EP4 dual antagonist
Ahead Biocomputing, Co. Ltd. MEGADOCK GHOSTZ
BNA Inc. BNA Amidites BNA oligonucleotides Alliance with and licensing to other organizations
atDose Co., Ltd. atDose
PuREC Co., Ltd. Highly purified human mesenchymal cell from bone marrow (REC:Rapidly Expanding Cells)
Globe Co.,Ltd. Rotating culture device Cell growth recorder Cell cutting device Development of dedicated incubator.
iFoodMed Inc. Research on immune modulation Research on oral immunity and intestinal immunity Immune risk evaluation service Research using animal models. Joint development of oral and intestinal immunity improvement technology
FERMENSTATION Co.,Ltd Rice Ethanol Fermented Rice Extract
Cyfuse Biomedical K.K. Bio 3D printer "Regenova" Bio 3D printer "S-PIKE”
1 2 3 4 5 ... 14

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